This warehouse is up for sale and rent. There is also a bare land with a size of approximately 2 acres ( 13 plots) next to the warehouse. Property is at a good location. It is available for manufacturers, importers, exporters and wholesalers of goods. The warehouse has a drive-in that allows easy access by trucks into the warehouse to load and off- load goods. The warehouse has quite enough space for parking. The bare land annexed to the warehouse can be serve as extra parking space for trucks. It is also fertile and as such suitable for farming purposes.

Tema Industrial Area

Total Floor Area of 1,154.89m2 (Square Meters)

Selling Price (Warehouse & Bare Land) – $1,500,000.00

Rental Price (Bare Land) – $2.5 per m2 (Square Meter) per month

Size of Bare Land – 7,336.68m2 (Square Meters)

Rental Price (Ware House) – $5 per m2 (Square Meter) per month


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