The Point Ridge

The client’s quest for The Point Ridge was for a home suitable for hosting private parties for special guests in an expansive garden, as such a 3 level minimalist garden was designed to align with varying crowd sizes for different occassions. The public spaces of the estate such as the living room, dining room, etc. opens up onto a large terrace with a long overflow pool and a submerged fire pit overlooking the multi-level garden . A barbecue pad and a glazed guest house compliment the minimalist garden as well.

The residence is located at Roman Ridge in the Greater Accra Region of Ghana. Manila ropes covered with creeping plants serves as an effective shading device cutting out direct sunlight and enhancing indoor air quality. Fair-faced concrete was used as an effective structural frame while providing a pleasant natural finish fused with lush creeping plants.

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    Roman Ridge, Greater Accra

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    Design and Build

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