Estate Development

We have a team of experts who acquire properties upon which we develop our real estate projects for both residential and commercial purposes . We also undertake renovations, extentions and improvements on properties to increase its value. In addition, we are well-equipped to help our customers convert their properties from one use to another

Property Consultancy
Our firm is involved in offering advice to clients about real estate decisions . We advise our clients who are looking to buy a residence to live in or a property in which to invest in for profit . We are able to do this through research we conduct on the market. We pay attention to market trends, demographics and other relevant information that affect the process of buying and selling real estate
Property Management

Our experienced and committed team manage commercial and residential properties of every kind. Our management encompasses all aspects of the operation, control, maintenance and oversight of properties within our portfolio. We make sure that our landlords maximize profit as they rent or lease out their properties. Our properties are well cared for and accounted for . The team advises on planned schedules of maintenance and building improvement, ensuring landlords are kept appraised on likely future expenditure

Sales & Lettings

We assist our clients in seeking properties to rent and buy. We also aid property owners in finding clients for their houses . With regards to properties for sale we act on behalf of the vendor or purchaser while ensuring our clients gets a fair bargain at all times. We help to take off all the stress usually faced by house-hunting buyers and bring to light good opportunities that are usually overlooked

Facility Management

We are responsible for maintaining what are often our clients’ largest and most valuable assets, such as properties, buildings, equipments and other facilities that house personnel,  inventory and other elements of operations. We carry out a number of activities such as building maintenance, space management, building administration , testing and inspections, security and managing renovations and refurbishments. In addition, we offer advice on measures to improve the efficiency and cost  – effectiveness of facilities. While conducting both reactive and proactive maintenance . We are able to deal with emergencies as and when they arise. We also ensure that facilities meet compliance standards and government regulations.